CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????    Fall has arrived!!!!!!!!!! 
Where did summer go??

The temperatures are falling but don’t put those clubs away.  There are a lot of great days left to play.  As a matter of fact, the last couple of years we had some play in late November, early December.  Of course, that is dependent on temperatures and whether the ground freezes etc.  But September and October (and even November) are perfect for playing.  So come out and enjoy some of the fresh country air.

To accommodate the grounds crew, our first tee time has been moved back to 7:15 am.  This will allow them to do some early morning course preparations. This will be a moving target as daylight becomes a little later each day.  So keep in touch with the pro shop for starting times.

We will be aerating the course sometime during the end of Sept through the beginning of October.  Will keep you posted on specific dates once I know when we will be starting.  It’s best to call the pro shop for a tee time.  At that time ask about where we are in that process.   REASONS FOR AERATING THE COURSE??????  It is NOT to aggravate the golfer.  It does however help to promote drainage and allow oxygen-gas exchange, reduces organic matter through compaction relief, and encourages additional nutrients to get down to the roots.  It is a lot of work by the grounds crew.  Please show your appreciation to the crew as you see them over the next several weeks.  Stay tuned.


News from the DRIVING RANGE:  The café and mini golf  has closed for the season.  Tokens for the driving range can be purchased at the pro shop or the token machine at the range.  It accepts one and five dollar bills.  The range will stay open from dawn to dusk throughout the fall.


DID YOU KNOW?????????????????
The top two largest countries in the world (in million square kilometers) are…Russia and Canada.  Good ole USA is 4th.



For current members: renewals are $525 through the end of October.  November 1 to the end of December it becomes $575.  For NEW members, the rate is $625 to the end of October and becomes $675 from November 1 to the end of the year.  THIS IS THE SAME RATE AS LAST YEAR.  So join now and play the rest of this year and all through the playing season 2018…..a GREAT DEAL NO MATTER HOW YOU “SLICE” IT.


GRIP THE CLUB WITH JUST  enough pressure to prevent it from slipping out of your hands when you swing.  If you squeeze to hard, you create tension throughout your arms and that leads to some ugly swings.


July 29th and 30th brought us the Club Championship  for the 6th consecutive year.  In the Ladies Flight, Madelon Hickey is the new Champion with a score of 159 for the two day event.  In the First Flight for Men, the new Champion is Dick Wilder who lost in a playoff last year with a score of 160.  This year, Dick won the flight with a 149 for the two days.  In the Championship Flight, we have a repeat champion.  With a two day score of 134 Anthony Stebbins is the winner in the Championship Flight.    I want to thank all players and especially last year’s champions Anthony Stebbins, Jerry Casner and Jen Risser for providing lunch for all of the participants this year.



Starting October 1st, the Sand Trap hours will be 11am to 9pm Wednesday through Saturday.  This will go through Oct 31.
The MUSIC CONTINUES ON THURSDAY NIGHTS THROUGH THIS TIME PERIOD:  Live entertainment on the deck starting at 6:30 Thursdays.  The schedule includes 9/7 Sonorous; 14th Shea and Len; 9/21 Stan and Wes; 9/28 Almost Famous.  Entertainment continues into October.  So make sure you get a schedule of music.  A great time of year to be on the deck, under the stars with some music, drink and food.  What is any nicer than that!!!!!!!!!


The year is not over for golf, but this will be the last newsletter of the season.  I want to say thank you to everyone who plays LFGC.  The grounds crew, the pro shop and the office staff all say thanks.  We do our best to maintain the best possible playing conditions for you.  We are glad you play and appreciate your business.

Mike and the entire pro shop crew and office staff say thanks.

Remember…………a good golf partner is one that is slightly worse than you. 



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