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Early in my life I was given the advice that a firm handshake is the best way to make a good impression when first meeting someone. That advice is probably still relevant today. However, it may not be the best advice if you are introducing yourself to a golf club. The amount of pressure you apply when gripping your golf club could have a negative effect if you grip it too tightly.

The best golf shots you make occur when you are relaxed and in rhythm. If you are tense and tight it becomes very difficult to execute a swing that is in rhythm. The pressure to hit a good shot while you are standing over the ball translates to how tightly you grip the club. Hold the club too tight and your forearms tense up making it nearly impossible to release the club head through impact.

I’m sure I’m not telling you something you didn’t already know. So how do you stop yourself from “squeezing” that club?

Taking a few practice swings before hitting your shot is a good way to get rid of that nervous tension. Now when you stand over the ball you don’t have to think so much about how you are going to swing because you just rehearsed it. Your only thought should be, loosen the grip. Remember. The more time you spend standing over the ball the more likely that tension will creep back into your grip.

Grip size and texture can also be a factor. Sometimes a grip with a softer texture allows you to hold onto the grip with a little less pressure. There are some golfers that not only went to a softer grip but also increased the size of the grip. If you think that may help, I would suggest just changing the grip size on one club and trying it before you do your whole set.

A firm handshake makes a good impression but don’t overdo it. The harder you “squeeze” the more you will tense up. Try to relax and hit that shot that you know you can.

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