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I have to confess, the older I get the more I hate the cold weather.† I know quite a few folks that play all winter long.† Not when itís real cold, but if the temperature is in the mid 30ís or higher and there isnít much wind, theyíre out there.† Iím more of a fair weather golfer.† I need it to be at least 50, sunny and no wind.
But enough of that. Golf season is here and I for one canít wait to hit that first tee shot.† Even a half hour or so at the driving range can be a rewarding recipe to counteract cabin fever.†
Usually when you donít play for an extended period of time, the short game suffers the most.† It takes a few rounds to get that feel back.† With that thought in mind, perhaps a review of those swing mechanics might help get that feel back a little quicker.†
The Basics of Chipping:

  1. ALWAYS set up with more weight on your front foot.† 60/40, 70/30, it will vary from golfer to golfer.† Find what works best for you then set it and keep it there throughout the swing.
  2. At set up, also make sure your hands are in front of the ball.† Set the angle early thus avoiding a need to break the wrists on the back swing.
  3. Position the ball off your back foot or your front foot.† Determine what kind of chip you want to hit.† A chip where the ball flight is low and runs out after landing (back foot), or a chip where the ball flight is high and lands softly with little roll out (front foot).
  4. As with any golf shot but really, absolutely, most certainly with chip shotsÖÖÖ. Keep Your Head Still!!!† Focus on a dimple and donít look up ††until the club head is well past impact.† I cannot put enough emphasis on this cardinal rule.

Check your lie.† If the ball is sitting up on fluffy grass, use a lower lofted club like a gap or pitching wedge to avoid sliding the club under the ball and making contact high on the face thus popping the ball straight up or sliding the club under the ball and not making contact at all in which case the ball goes nowhere.
If the ball is sitting down in the rough, you need to take a steeper approach to the ball.† If your approach is to shallow, the rough will grab the club head and prevent it from getting to the ball cleanly.
Grip pressure may also vary.† A clean lie on short grass allows you to hold the club lightly since there is no rough to turn the club face.† If you are lying in deep rough, you may have to hold on a little tighter to avoid the club from turning.† Donít squeeze it to death, just be a little firmer.
I know, you already know this stuff, but sometimes a little reminder doesnít hurt.
Now get out there and play the best golf of your life.†

Liberty Forge is anxious to open the driving range and course for the 2018 season.
They will notify us by email as soon as the weather permits.
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