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I had an interesting conversation with a friend while at the driving range last week.  It started with his making a comment about how well he hits the ball at the range but then when he gets to the course, he can’t seem to hit the ball nearly as well. 

Do you hit it like a pro at the range and then wonder why you can’t carry it over to the course?  Don’t feel alone.  More people than you think suffer from this common dilemma.

When you are hitting balls at the range you are more relaxed then when you are on the course because you know if you mishit the shot you just reach into the bucket, pull out another ball and attempt the shot again.  On the course this is called a “mulligan”, but really, how many mulligans can you take?

Visualization is a big part of hitting that great golf shot.  Have you ever noticed how Jason Day will stand behind his ball and close his eyes before each shot?  He is visualizing the launch, shape and end result of the shot he is about to take.

So here is a thought about how to hit balls at the driving range.  Visualize that you are on the first tee at Liberty Forge, or another course if you choose, and think about how you want to hit this shot.  Now go ahead and hit the shot.  Now go to the next hole and visualize that shot, select the club you want and hit the shot.  By practicing this way at the range, you are in fact practicing for what you will encounter on the course.

You can take a mulligan if you want, but don’t just stand there hitting the same shot over and over.  Make practice fun.  Visualize the golf hole you want to play and then play it.  Hit your driver and then hit a 7 iron or hit your 3 wood and then hit your 5 iron.  Play the course in your mind.  Then when you get to the course, play it like you did at the driving range.  Visualize the shot just as you did at the range and then just do it.  No pressure now.  You have already practiced the shot you are about to hit.

The game of golf is just a game designed to be fun.  So let’s have some fun ….. Even when we practice!

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