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I am not sure if the weather is going to be a little more cooperative this year as compared to last. It seemed last year every time I wanted to play a round, it rained. So far this year, we are still getting our fair share of rain but also quite a few days where the sun is shining and the temperature is above normal. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

It has been my observation that many golfers come up short when hitting an approach shot to the green. Knowing how far you hit any given club can greatly affect your score. If you are constantly coming up short on your approach shots to the green, that can turn a potential par into a bogey.

You need to ask yourself the question, “On your approach shots to the green, how often do you hit it to the pin?” Remember, “If it doesn’t get to the hole, it’s not going to go in!!!” Tough to make a hole-in-one if you are constantly coming up short because you didn’t use enough club.

Next time you are out on the course and you have a shot that is similar to one you have had in the past, remember the result. If you came up short, maybe this time you should try using one more club.

Here is a tip for the next time you are at the driving range. Pull an iron from your bag that you typically use to hit a 100 yard shot. At the Liberty Forge driving range, there is a 100 yard marker out there so you should be able to dial in what club works for you. You might discover that the club you chose doesn’t carry 100 yards. Try another club. You need to find the club that you are comfortable with to carry that distance.

Now that you know what club you need to hit a 100 yard shot, you can determine what club to use to hit a shot that is 10-12 yards farther. For example: If you determined you needed a pitching wedge to hit a 100 yard shot, you probably need a 9 iron to carry 110-112 yards. The difference between clubs is roughly 10-12 yards. When you get within 100 yards or so to the green, it is to your advantage to know what club you ne ed to hit to get the ball on the green.

Once you have taught yourself what club to hit to cover a particular yardage, you will feel much more confident when getting ready to hit that approach shot.

If you are confident, your chances are greatly improved that you will hit a good shot. So stop hoping you have the right club, practice hitting those yardages at the driving range. You will be amazed at how that will change your game.

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