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If you are a golfer, by this time you have removed Mother Nature from your Christmas card list.  What is going on with this weather???  As a resident of Pennsylvania, you can usually count on a few days in March and most of April to provide some warm, dry days to get a few rounds of golf in.  So much for global warming!

Since you can’t get out and play, why not take advantage of this time to fine tune that putting stroke that always seems to cost you a few strokes on every round.  It would be great to never three putt, but to accomplish that goal we need to practice.  Why not now while you’re stuck in the house. 

If you are like most golfers, this is the part of the game we practice the least.  Oh sure, we all go to the putting green before each round and hit 10 or 15 putts before heading off to the first tee, but are you really practicing or just knocking a few balls around to kill some time before you tee off.

So let’s take advantage of this “down” time and develop a putting routine that you will take with you to the course.  Find a spot in your home that has tight woven carpet that best equates to a putting green. I am not going to suggest you cut a hole in the floor to putt in to, but you will need a target.  How about a plastic water bottle? 

Start with 3 or 4 foot putts.  These are the knee-knockers that upset you the most when you miss them. With each putt, think about how far apart your feet are.  This will vary from person to person.  It is important to feel comfortable when standing over the ball so experiment with your width until you find a width that is comfortable and relaxed.  Some of you will find a shoulder width stance works while others may prefer their feet closer together.  Remember, what feels best to you is the correct answer.

How are your feet aligned?  Square to the target? Slightly open?  I’ve seen both ways work.  If you are square to the target it allows your stroke to follow your foot line to get the ball started on line.  If you open your stance, it allows your sight line to get more behind the ball and then you rely on your stroke to follow your line of sight.  Again, whatever works best for you is the correct answer.

Weight distribution is also something to pay attention to.  Many instructors suggest a 60/40 front foot to back distribution.  This will promote a forward lean to your stroke insuring the putter face strikes the ball above the equator to generate less skid and initiate more roll to your putts.  A 50/50 distribution of weight will promote more of an upside down arc at the bottom of your swing insuring you release the putter and strike the ball on a slight upswing.

What’s most important here is that you need to experiment to find what works best for you.  Whatever feels the most natural will work the best for you. Once you get it, keep it, own it.  Your putting stroke is personal and will serve you well if you repeat the same routine every time you putt.  NO MORE 3 PUTTS!!!!

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